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What does the Infant Program offer?

To encourage social interactions within the group setting. We strive to maintain an environment where positive relationships are established and developed between adult and child.

To provide a safe, secure and trusting environment for the child, where they can happily, safely and freely explore the experiences offered. Program plans, which intend to meet the individual needs of the children, as well as consistent routines, schedules and age-appropriate activities are prepared by educators and are posted for families to view.

To encourage development of language. As infants progress from babbling to recognized words, we provide appropriate modeling of language and encourage and praise their efforts and their individual attempts.

To enhance the ongoing development of large muscle skills. We observe and assess each child’s large muscle skills and we set goals to provide opportunities that meet and expand their capabilities.

To enhance the ongoing development of the child’s fine motor skills. We observe and assess each child’s fine muscle skills and we provide opportunities that meet and expand their capabilities.

To facilitate the development of sensory perception. We provide experiences in tactile, auditory and visual discrimination. Children are encouraged to actively explore and manipulate objects and materials.

To facilitate the child’s cognitive development. We provide activities that enhance and extend the child’s knowledge of the world around them.

To encourage the child in their control over their environment. We respond to and act on both verbal and non-verbal messages from children.

To enhance the child’s creativity. We provide varied materials and activities which the child may explore. The process, rather than the product of an activity, is recognized and encouraged.

Looksee is a developmental screening tool designed to be completed by your child's educator. It provides a snapshot of your child’s development. The areas of development covered by the Looksee include vision, hearing, emotional, fine motor, gross motor, social, self-help, communication and learning and thinking. The screens coincide with key developmental stages up to age six.

Our goals for children and expectations for the program are based on the 4 foundations of learning (well-being, belonging, expression and engagement) through our daily interactions and planned activities
Our curriculum is based on the ELECT document. The educators follow children’s leads by observing their interests and needs and then planning the learning environment.
We incorporate our observations with planned activities in our weekly programming chart.


*Weekly music classes with a Royal Conservatory of Music certified teacher, introducing a variety of music concepts, instruments and genres, and promoting rhythm awareness, self-regulation and a sense of self.

*Me, I’m Special Board, the child’s family is invited to bring in a collection of photos, in a collage or other format, sharing aspects of their family and interests.

*Celebrations of 1st birthday and graduation

*Annual Centre's Family Day Trip to Centre Island in July

*Annual Holiday Party in December

At Hester How Early Learning Centre, we incorporate a wide variety of teaching methods and enriched materials in our Infant Program. The class ratio is 1:3 and all educators are Registered Early Childhood Educators.

The infant program is based solely on the child’s needs and is developed in on-going communication with families. We provide a warm, loving, secure and trusting environment.

The educators in the Infant Program ensure the child is given a gradual adjustment to their new surroundings as they transition from their home to the Early Learning Centre. By doing this, we believe that the child will form positive attachment and feel safe in the program and in their relationships with the educators.

In our Infant Program we also ensure and plan for one-to-one interactions with each child throughout the day and in our daily routines.

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