“In every seed lies the promise of a forest” Deepak Chopra 

Providing an enriched learning environment for children aged 3 years 8 months to 5 years at a 1:10 ratio.


Hester How Early Learning Centre

If you are interested in learning more about what our kindergarten program can offer your child, as an alternative to kindergarten in a school, please contact us at 416-392-7981. 


Play based learning through “emergent curriculum” focuses on exploration of the classroom environment and the development of social and critical thinking skills. 

READING · Identify letters and letter sounds · Use reading tools independently · Identify objects that begin with specific letters · Read short words and/or stories  ·  Dictating stories  ·  Refer to print in the environment for meaning

WRITING · Print letters, short words and sentences in workbooks · Print/understand use of upper and lower case letters ·  Recognize and print own name and date

MATH · Number recognition to 100 · Addition/Subtraction · Patterns · Counting forwards and backwards · Measurements · Simple Fractions · Telling time 

SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS & PROJECTS · Animal Habitats · Life Cycles · Three R’s · 5 Senses · Develop investigative skills · Collecting Facts · Cause & Effect 

· Understand basic use and operation · Educational games:  Alphabet, Early Math, Reading  · Recognition of letters and numbers, turn taking, reading readiness, making predictions. 

EXTRACURRICULAR · Music with a qualified music teacher · Skating (Nov-Mar) · Yoga · Playground · Weekly Library Visits · Fieldtrips · Cooking · V.I.P 

Student Outcomes: 

• Development of self confidence, self regulation, self reliance, problem solving skills, independence and leadership skills. • Reading independently. • Counting and identifying numbers up to 100. • Development of skills in early math both practical and mental, completing simple number operations • Printing sentences independently, understanding conventions of print, phonological awareness, letter recognition. • Using/understanding literacy • a positive attitude towards learning.

​100 Queen Street West
1st Floor East Side City  Hall
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