The menus at Hester How Early Learning Centre are developed by a caterer, in consultation with a licensed nutritionist. The four-week rotating menu is seasonally adjusted and provides the centre with
a hot lunch and two snacks daily.  The menu is nut and pork free.  Individual substitutions are provided for children with food restrictions due to allergy, sensitivity, religious belief, etc.

A housekeeper assists the educators with the daily hot lunch service. The centre's meals and snacks are available to all
children who have ​made the transition to table food.


Health Canada

​​Hester How Early
​Learning Centre strives to be a peanut/nut free centre.
​Nut-containing foods have been eliminated from our menus. We have a policy that prohibits outside foods from being brought on site (with some limited exceptions e.g. milk/food items for infants who are still transitioning to table food.)​​​

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Hester How Early Learning Centre