​100 Queen Street West
1st Floor East Side City  Hall
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2
Hester How Early Learning Centre

We believe children grow best in a non-judgmental, non-sexist environment, where they are exposed to a variety of multicultural lifestyles and traditions. To enhance this growth, we promote a co-operative, sharing atmosphere, where questions and conflicts are dealt with in a supportive non-threatening manner.

The families and educators of Hester How interact closely in order to establish positive relationships, which in turn reflect upon the children. This partnership continues with active involvement in committee work and on the Board of Directors. The Board establishes the committees and policies of the centre to support the above philosophy, thus creating the overall networking system which operates Hester How Early Learning Centre.

Our program provides for our children's needs and assists in their creative, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth, with an emphasis on human relationships and individuality. One of our major tasks, then, is to determine each child's current level of development and to plan experiences which encourage progression to new levels.

We, the families and educators of Hester How Early Learning Centre, have made a commitment to provide a quality workplace early learning centre. We believe the foundation of an early learning centre is to provide a safe, loving, stimulating environment that provides a quality educational program, while maintaining an open, flexible atmosphere where families can
actively communicate and share in their children's learning experiences.

Our overall goal is to nurture, educate and provide guidance to the children in our care.
We believe that giving children a sense of pride in themselves in their early years is providing them a strong foundation for life. From this foundation the children can develop the courage and belief in themselves to continue to meet life's challenges.

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