Hester How Early Learning Centre has an exceptional Toddler Program designed to meet the needs of young children between the ages of 18 months and 30 months through stimulating educational experiences in a warm, trusting, diverse and nurturing environment.  Our play based curriculum fosters independence, develops positive social skills with language development, promotes inclusion, problem solving and builds creativity while stimulating children's natural curiosity for new experiences.


 •  A play based learning environment that includes individual and small group learning experiences that are diverse, inclusive and based on the children’s developmental needs and interests, using Emergent Curriculum, Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) the Framework of Ontario Early Childhood Setting.  

 •  Language and Literacy through the introduction of Letterland, a program which is based on phonics and the recognition of the alphabet through pictograms.  In addition, daily music circles by RECEs, promoting the recollection of  past experiences, using open ended materials in pretend play, sharing books, thoughts and emotions through conversations and weekly visits to Toronto Public Library at Nathan Phillips Square.

•  On a daily basis, Art , Sensory, Science and Nature programming to engage the children in creative thinking, problem solving and imagination through exploration of their natural environment.

•  Art and Sensory Experiences                                               Using different mediums, textures and diverse materials to promote self    expression and individuality that is process oriented.

•  Cooking Learning Experiences
​Once a week, small group preparation of a simple, healthy nutritious snack, to engage and develop a positive relationship with children about healthy choices, tastes and textures of foods.

•  Science and Nature Experiences
Learning opportunities planned weekly and enriched daily, including the exploration     of the Five Senses, Comparing of Textures and Measurement concepts in the indoor    and outdoor environment using natural materials.

•  Daily active physical play and learning experiences to develop and enhance small and large muscle development and coordination through twice daily visits to the playground, and in inclement weather, the centre’s gross motor room or the fitness centre at City Hall. Additionally, weekly Yoga Pretzel Program for 15 minute intervals, participating in animated yoga poses, breathing and stretching exercises led by an RECE.

•  Weekly music classes with a Royal Conservatory of Music certified teacher, introducing a variety of music concepts, instruments and genres, and promoting rhythm awareness, self regulation and a sense of self.

18 months to 2 1/2 years

2 groups, each with 10 children and 2 Registered
​Early Childhood Educators (RECE)

​100 Queen Street West
1st Floor East Side City  Hall
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2
Hester How Early Learning Centre


Our RECEs work in partnership with families to plan curriculum, provide resources, gain knowledge about their children, promote the families’ home languages, share their talents as Special Visitors and possible volunteers for field trips to Centre Island or local events.


Toddler Tidbits

Family Showcase Boxes

My Planting Book

How Tall Am I?

Family Social:  Celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day, Holiday Party with sing along Birthday and Graduation celebrations

Annual Centre Island Trip in July with all the centre's families

Special Visitors: Creepy Crawlers, Yoga, Dance Party, Puppet Show and Magic Show